Thinking of Launching Home Inspection Business?

As a newer ASHI Certified Inspector, I commonly receive questions pertaining to starting up a home inspection business. I’m happy to help, but I encourage you to FIRST ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you willing to climb onto a 2nd story roof?
  • Are you willing to crawl into a dirty, dark crawl space under a 100+ year old house?
  • Are you willing to accept risk and liability as a business owner?
  • Are you motivated to manage a business, not just perform inspections?
  • Are you comfortbale marketing and selling your services?
  • Are you willing to continuously educate yourself to remain current and credible?

These are surely but a handful of the questions you must ask yourself before you invest your money into a start-up business venture. I hope the answer to the above is “YES” and I wish you good luck in your endeavors!

Aaron Hunt

Home Inspector, Commercial Property Inspector, ASHI Certified Inspector #252561, CO Licensed Real Estate Broker‚Äč.

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