What Is Home Inspection Exactly?

A Home Inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and systems of the home and surrounding property, together with a Report documenting the findings. Given that a home purchase is the greatest investment most make in a lifetime, a Home Inspection may very well be the wisest investment one can make.​​ The primary purpose of the home inspection is to educate the homebuyer (or homeowner on a pre-listing inspection) on the actual condition of the property, plus document inspection findings and other useful information in a straightforward, polished Report.​ The Report includes a summary, inspection findings, recommendations and a maintenance schedule.

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What Is Inspected During Home Inspection?

  • Basements / Crawlspace – foundation, moisture, stains, rotted wood, abnormal cracks, subfloor;
  • Electrical – panel box, amp rating, wiring, fire hazards, outlets, grounding, GFCI, AFCI;
  • Exterior – roof, flashing, gutters, downspouts, lot slope, drainage, siding, windows, fence, deck/patio, retaining wall, siding;
  • Garage – floor, fire wall, overhead door, safety sensors;
  • Grounds – lot grading, landscape, steps, fence, patio, deck, wildfire mitigation;
  • Heating & Air Conditioning – fireplace, furnace, boiler, condensing unit / coils, ducts, combustion air, vent/chimney, registers;
  • Interior – windows, doors, walls, insulation, flooring, appliances, attic, fireplace;
  • Kitchen – GFCI receptacles, appliances, sink, fixtures, disposal;
  • Plumbing – waste / drain pipes, supply pipes, gas pipes, bathrooms, fixtures, sinks, water heater​, leaks;
  • Structure – foundation, framing, truss, floor system, attic, ventilation;

What Do I Receive?

A straightforward, specific, polished Report covering all of the above components and the associated findings/conditions, plus recommendations.  The Report will include high resolution photos with specific notes to corroborate each finding.  The Report will include a Summary of Key Findings, together with a full Report covering all home equipment and systems.  All gas and water shutoff valves will be labeled.  Aaron’s approach is an educational, service-oriented home inspection, together with a more polished, specific Report.  My Report software includes direct hyperlinks to a library of further information.  For example, if we note “strongly recommend wildfire mitigation” in the Report, the client can simply click on the words within the Report to directly open the Colorado Springs Fire Department Wildfire Mitigation webpage in a new browser window.  All Permits are researched plus Maintenance tips will also be included to further assist the homebuyer.  The Report is a powerful negotiating tool during the inspection phase of the contract timeline and also a useful resource for the homeowner now and in the future.

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When and Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?

While many homebuyers and real estate professionals appreciate the value and information provided by a home inspection and report as part of the purchase contract process, we encourage the Seller and listing brokers to consider a pre-listing home inspection.  A pre-list inspection allows the Seller to identify and address deficiencies in advance, therefore lowering the risk of losing a Contract during the inspection phase.  Why not prepare your home in advance to enhance marketability, decrease risk, minimize time on the market and expedite the contract process, plus allow the Seller ample time to potentially make needed repairs themselves?​

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